Friday, February 4, 2011

Change in location

Hello Family and Friends! I want to give you some great news! Since my surgery and all the time I've had working on our website designing a much better way to keep in touch with us we have decided to end our Blogger site and continue our blog on our website. This "one stop" website is just that, a place you can go and see everything about us instead of having to go to a couple of places. There is a "Subscribe" button on the websites' blog that you may use and it will keep you posted on our new posts every time they occur just like this site. Thank you all for keeping us with us, it's an honor to know you care. Click the link below and make this the new place to go and catch up on what's happening with us. Then go to the "Flying To Save" page see you there!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

As Our Family Grows...

Zeke, the master Lego builder. He is always making something new and creative. He usually has a build request for me when I get home.
It's big news when you find a bear the same size as you. =-) Perfect for practicing your hugs.
My beautiful wife showing off our newest addition. Our youngest in mommies "waiting room." (at 16 weeks)
Zeke and Dawson having some good play time together. We often laugh at Zeke and the faces or poses he makes while sleeping, but this was picture worthy.
Here's daddy overhead dropping a parachute. If you look really hard you can just make it out right back from the tail (past the cloud) and just bit down.
This is the newest addition guard dog at the school, Annie. A Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd mix who is a very fun loving guard dog who keeps us safe. With a very throaty bark and only 6 months old she can stand on her back feet with her front paws on my shoulders easy. BIG dog. =-)
Zeke is almost there but still in the "potting training battle."
The apartment continues to progress, just not at the speed we might want. I continue to do what I can, when I can, with what we already have to work with, and it's coming along.
We would really like to move in by Christmas, or close to that time.
I wouldn't get much down without my partner. He loves to help, even if he can just have a hand in on whatever is going on, he's a part of it. We have fun together.
Oh, so often this is how we all feel, so sleepy from all that happens day to day. Feeling overwhelmed so many times with all that we have going on and still not feeling like we are getting ahead, but knowing that it's all in HIS time, and not ours.
We are so blessed each and every day, and very thankful for our training right now. Please continue to pray for strength each day, wisdom in tackling tasks, and knowledge to get them done.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity, jig--AAAAHHH!

Well, we are home!
We left July 19th and made it home Aug 25th. Many have asked how did I do, being pregnant, and how did Zeke do on the road.... Really, I did well, I did feel sick a fair amount, but it was quickly remedied by eating something, I found that was the key to keeping the "morning" sickness at bay. Zeke did better than ever in the van. Every time he is a little older, which means that he is able to occupy himself better. We haven't "caved" and bought a DVD player for the car, but he sure is quiet back there when we let him play games on the iPod Touch. Ya, probably not much better than a movie, but I'm sure any parent who's been on a car trip can relate. How was the trip overall? Good, encouraging again. We know we gained a couple new supporters and helped others who've been with us understand where we are a little better. We were also challenged to be more bold in talking to people about our financial need. I have to admit it is awkward! We don't come asking for hand-outs, so we do not want to give people that feeling at all. However, in shying away from that we have perhaps swung to the other end in avoiding the topic too much. Do pray we would find a good balance, one we feel fully convinced of. Also, this trip has been an exhausting one. I honestly feel about as tired as I did after our 3 month trip! But, perhaps being the first trimester has something to do with that. Zeke was funny, being ecstatic to see "New Friends", but immediately upon seeing them would bury his head in our legs. However, it didn't last long, particularly if someone had toys for him to play with or kids for him to play with. In addition after the about the 2nd family we saw he no longer wanted to participate in goodbyes. Poor kid. :( He is excited to be home. Home though, are we really home?? Uh, not exactly! We were welcomed by a sign that our young friend made... ...and then an even bigger "welcome" from, uh, here, you tell me what you think it is... They pooed everywhere, floor, counter, in our bed, in 1/2 of Jeffrey's clothes and all Zeke's, etc, etc. Exciting, huh? At first I thought, "OK then, lets just clean up and get to work." Jeffrey started in on the kitchen/bedroom and I took the living room which had less poo than the kitchen, but I got overwhelmed when I reached the computer desk. Our friends the Fultons offered to take us out for dinner and let us stay at their house as long as we need to. At first I just thought of how badly I wanted to cook our own food again and sleep in our own bed, but thoughts of lying awake all night in our own bed hearing mousy sounds and hoping one didn't run across me quickly changed my mind. (of all the many gf flours that are on my shelf they only opened the potato flour...I didn't even like that stuff, can't figure out how to use it yet!) :) (sigh) You know that saying the Bible says "God won't give you more than you can handle..." I just wish He wouldn't trust me with so much? I kinda feel like that right now, once again, "How much more can I be stretched???" Please pray we can effectively get rid of these little critters and settle back in soon. We will write another post soon about the end of our trip. Thank you for your prayers.